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Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Our company was able to participate in May 2022 in the program "Perspectives d'entreprise" broadcast on BFM Business to present the transition to EDI in accordance with the reform on electronic invoicing.

It was Emmanuel and Olivier who explained in broad strokes how it all works and what's at stake.

This show also gave us the opportunity to discuss the challenges companies may encounter when implementing EDI. They explained that one of the biggest challenges is often integrating the EDI with existing systems and how we can manage the project.

We pointed out how EDI can reduce costs and improve supply chain efficiency by reducing errors and speeding up order processing or invoicing. Or how EDI can help companies become more sustainable by reducing their carbon footprint through more efficient use of their resources.

We wanted to raise companies' awareness of e-invoicing reform and the urgent need for them to think about their EDI transition.

The transition to EDI will take some time, and it will vary from company to company, but in any case, it's important to plan ahead.

As a reminder, here are the main dates of the reform:

- July 1, 2024 in reception for all taxable persons.

- July 1, 2024 in transmission for large businesses.

- January 1, 2025 in transmission for medium-sized companies.

- January 1, 2026 in transmission small and medium-sized businesses and microenterprises.

For any information, contact us.

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