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Updated: Jul 17, 2023

The end of the year is upon us, and we wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy holiday season!

We hope you've had a wonderful 2022 and are ready to welcome 2023 with enthusiasm.

It's also a good time to take stock of our year, and to announce the completion of a project close to our hearts.

This year of 2022 has gone admirably for our company, with new customers, the arrival of new employees and the award of a customer satisfaction label by Choosemycompany.

Out of the 12 companies listed by Choosemycompany, we came 2nd in customer satisfaction in the under 50 employee category.

Time for a great announcement!

We're delighted to announce that our company has just opened a new subsidiary in the United States! We're looking forward to offering our skills and services to an even wider audience.

Our company, which was founded over 4 years ago, has grown rapidly thanks to our commitment to quality and customer service.

We are now expanding our reach by opening a new branch of Horus Consulting on the other side of the ocean, as we are convinced that the American market offers many opportunities for our company.

For this occasion, content creator Louis Pille, who specializes in 3D, has created a beautiful video for us to arrive at the very top of Mount Rushmore!

We'll keep you posted in future blog posts on the progress of our US subsidiary.

But that's not all!

In 2023, as communication managers, our goal is to remodel our office in Paris.

We'll be posting before-and-after photos, we promise!

In the meantime, we hope you'll be able to rest and recharge your batteries before starting a new year full of new opportunities and challenges.

Thank you once again for your support and trust in our company, and we hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

And as promised, here's the short video.

See you 2023

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