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We are a dynamic and innovative company that focuses on providing EDI solutions for businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

Our decision to set up our own company in this field, but more broadly in information technology, was motivated by one observation: the lack of expertise and advice available to companies, who are sometimes unfamiliar with this domain.

We therefore offer you support in setting up and monitoring your projects involving the exchange of EDI messages with your partners.

At the head of the company, we have over 35 years' experience working with internationally renowned customers in a wide range of sectors (automotive, retail, food, medical...)

We understand that managing the information chain is a complex task that can take up a lot of a company's time and resources. That's why we offer a complete range of ETL/EDI solutions to help our customers improve their operational efficiency.

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Our LOBSTER Partner

Thanks to our partner Lobster,
our EDI solutions include data translation, electronic document transmission, workflow management and quality control services to ensure the accuracy of the information and meet industry standards.

We are also able to customize our solutions to meet the specific needs of each business.
We guarantee to listen to our customers and be at their disposal to maximize our joint chances of success.

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A strong team

Born in January 2018, Horus Consulting was founded by two experts in B2B Electronic Data Interchange (EDI – SAP EDI):

  • Mr Olivier BERNARD : B2B expert with 10 years' experience mainly in the automotive industry (OEMs and manufacturers) and the food sector, coupled with basic training and experience in supply chain management. This expertise is combined with experience in the MM and SD domains of SAP.

  • Mr. Emmanuel HAVEL : B2B expert with 14 years' experience in the following industries: automotive, food, energy, retail, with basic training and experience as an IT developer (xml, python, C,...).

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